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The New England Blockchain Company LLC

We will be launching https://newengland.io very shortly!  Please reach out to admin@boolean.news in the meantime if you have any questions!  We offer DApp Development And Consultancy Services!  We don’t currently develop our own blockchains, as our aim is to enrich the Blockchain Movement through building functionality and business value within existing Blockchains.  We specialize in developing DApps for the Steem Blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain.

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The GainingSteem.Com Team

Boolean and Booleancoin are products of GainingSteem.Com, a Software Company that provides Automation Software, as well as tips and tricks for users of Social Media/Blogging site Steemit.Com.   We believe that content for Social Media Platforms such as Steemit, Facebook, and, more importantly, High-Profile News Sites should be curated and vetted to ensure accuracy, so a product to combat Fake News on platforms such as these is a no-brainer and something we're deeply passionate about.  We believe accuracy in the news is a cornerstone of a free society and it is a form of control to mislead and misinform when in the public eye.