Boolean Hodlers Program

RUNNING DATES: 7/1-2018 UNTIL 8/1/2019!

The Boolean Hodlers Competition Gives Rewards To Those Who Hodl Booleancoin For A Given Investment Term During The Promotion's Running Dates! Buy During July 2018 To Earn Up To 100% Bonus Booleancoins by hodling for 12 months! If you hodl for 3 or 6 months you can also earn great bonuses!

Step 1: Buy Booleancoins

You can buy Booleancoins via the link below or via the 'Buy Booleancoins (BOOL)' link in the left-hand navigation menu!

Step 2: Ensure They Are In A Non-Exchange Wallet

In order to be eligible for the Hodlers Reward Program, you must be holding Booleancoins in a non-exchange wallet, such as a wallet generated from or a MetaMask Wallet!  If held on an exchange, there won't be a public record of your holdings and the time for which you held them, so keep them in there and Hodl!

Step 3: HODL!

Hold AT LEAST 1000 Booleancoins For The Specified Time Period In Your Wallet And You Will Receive The Associated Bonus Booleancoins In Your Wallet!

Investment Terms:
3 Months: 20% Bonus
6 Months: 50% Bonus
12 Months: 100% Bonus